Contract Development, System Supplier

What we are looking for:
We offer our customers different ways of working together:
> Development Centre
The Sioux Development Centres are prepared to accept full responsibility for the project cost, functionality, turnaround time and quality. At our expertise centres, we work on new technologies for our customers. As our experience has shown, the products of our customers score above average.
> Risk–reward/ Open costing/ Amortization
There may be a need or mutual interest to agree on another approach:
> One-stop-shop (development & production agreed in one contract upfront)
> Open costing based on agreed margins, hourly rates and mark-ups
> Amortization of part of the development costs over the production units
> Shared risks and rewards in particular business cases

What we offer:
System supplier
As an innovative technology partner we support leading high tech companies in the development and manufacturing of their products. With 450 dedicated engineers we support or act as the Research and Development department of our customers. With our excellent productivity, we help to shorten the development time and create a sustainable and competitive advantage at a competitive price / performance ratio. In addition to development work Sioux also delivers complete products. This is achieved at the level of components and in the assembly of modules, subsystems and finished products.
Our expertise:
Technical Software, Mechatronics, Electronics, Industrial Mathematics, Remote Solutions.

  • Medical Technology
  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • ICT
  • Components and Services


Mr Kai Menzel
Business Development Manager

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