Milling and Turning of (High Performance) Plastics

What we are looking for:
Companies who act in the High Tech market, like OEM, Engineering companies, System Suppliers,

Companies who develop and/or use plastic components which are not 'standard' available.

Partnership with our potential customers in development and producing parts economically using the 'live cycle' of the customers product.

What we offer:
Our services in CNC Milling and Turning of (High Performance) Plastics. Specialised in very accurate and/or complex machining.
Our knowledge of machining, assembling, forming plastics is extensive and you can use this to your advantage.
'Making the (near) impossible possible with Plastics' is our motto.

  • Medical Technology
  • Components and Services


Mr Ing. Berrie van de Burgt
Sales Director

Mr Mr. Mannes Westhuis
Managing Director

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