hermetical sealing doors

What we are looking for:
Contacts with OT contractors and (medical) door suplliers who would like to add our products to their portfolio.

Contacts to end users in the health care market to discuss our chances in Germany for our airt tight and intelligent door solutions.

What we offer:
Specially for the healthcare market Metaflex has developed hermetical sealing doors; ideal for applications in conditioned spaces such as operating rooms.

The sliding door seals the room completely air-tight, even with high over- or under pressure. Therefore uncontrolled movement of air is minimized. In situations with conditioned or contaminated air behind the door, this is very important.

Besides hermetical sealing sliding doors, Metaflex is specialised in fire-resistant, smoke-tight and radiation-proof doors with or without automation. We have the best solution for areas where safety, reliability and ease of use are self-evident.

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  • Pharma
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Mr William Boxem
Area Manager Western Europe

Mr Rob Van Overbeek
Business Development Manager
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