Development, Engineering, Build, Test, Service

What we are looking for:
With regard to TEGEMA’s unique IP we like to discuss technological issues of potential customers. To find out if there’s a possibility to be able to develop devices and/or equipment.

What we offer:
To cope with today’s exponential growth of technological advancement TEGEMA defined a Technology Roadmap. The development programs on this roadmap are fully tuned to societal themes.
• Micro dispensing & positioning (Miniaturization)
• Fiber optics & Photonics (Exponential growth of digital data)
• Simulation & Modelling (High complexity, Time to Market, First time right)
• Green Mobility (Reduction of Pollution)
• Zero Defect Manufacturing (Reduction of Polution!)
Under these programs projects (customer independent!) are being performed which generate unique IP. In many cases this unique IP already resulted in the most innovative solutions for our customers.

Some examples
• Bio sensor functionalization
• Optical fiber handling tools, assembly multi fiber connectors
• Zero defect assembly equipment e.g. medical devices, semiconductor industry, Telecom industry
• Temperature control devices in heavy duty transport
• Miniature lens assembly (Mobile phone camera)
• Gearbox electric vehicles

  • Medical Technology


Mr ing. Martin van Acht
Managing director

Mr Wim van den Broek
Managing director

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