Network for Innovations in medicine

What we are looking for:
Cooperation Partners for our members and experts from the medtech, pharma, biotech sector.

What we offer:
Forum MedTech Pharma is a charitable non-profit making association - incorporated society. The network is forming a unique platform for business contacts and knowledge exchange. We successfully facilitate innovation and co-operation in the medical sector.

More than 600 members are involved in the Forum MedTech Pharma, i. e. companies, research institutes, clinics, health insurances, regional authorities as well as other actors in the field - from 16 countries out of Europe, America and Asia.

Our topics cover an extensive agenda on the latest trends in medical technology and pharma: biomaterials, diagnostics, clinical trials, minimal invasive medicine, health telematics and health care system.

  • Medical Technology
  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • ICT
  • Components and Services


Ms Marlene Klemm

Mr Dr. Ilja Hagen

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