Mechatronical Innovation

What we are looking for:
We are looking for customers having a challenge in the mechatronical innovation and that are open for a long term collaboration with companies like MI-Partners. We can bring in:
1 profound mechatonical knowledge in the field of:
• concept generation
• Dynamic behaviour
• Simulation ( vibrations/dynamics/thermal/magnetic)
2 experiences from other markets.

Created IP will be transferred to the customer

What we offer:
MI-Partners is active in research and development of high-end mechatronic products and systems. We are specialised in concept generation and validation for ultra-fast (>10g), extremely accurate (sub-nanometers) or complex positioning systems like stages, manipulators, robots and handlers.
Our aim is an early involvement in research and pre-development. We can provide the complete trajectory up to design, realization and testing. Besides we offer thermal and dynamic measurement services and analyses.
As we are working for customers in a wide variety of markets, we can benefit from our experience in all these different areas, and as such help our customers with fresh, innovative and cost effective solutions.

  • Medical Technology


Mr Leo Sanders

Mr Maurice Bogers
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