What we are looking for:
We seek collaboration in different fields, such as possible partnerships with healthcare institutions, medical societies, exchange of experience and knowledge, international partnerships and financing.Please also check the following link about

What we offer:
MDLinking is an exclusive online network developed with ánd for healthcare professionals across worldwide. A secure substitute for WhatsApp combined with LinkedIn and a customized E-Learning Database. Unique combination of functionalities, supporting the MD in his day-to-day performance by enabling: Connections: highly specific profiling and networking, much more relevant than ie LinkedIn. Communication: secure chat function – thé alternative for WhatsApp. Education: interactive database providing weekly “feed” of research, incl. “GoPro” surgical videos. Guaranteed safe and secure environment to share patient data, adhering to highest standards. Please also check the following Vimeo link about

  • Medical Technology
  • ICT


Mr MD, PhD Hans Flu

Mr Alec Behrens
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